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How to create your own accept rules sometimes Australia Business Fax List break th understand the purpose of using the tool combine readymade solutions take into account the interests of the target audience. Read more about this in our material. The article says The importance of the color palette for design Terminology and general color theory Types of color palettes Tips for creating a cool UI color palette Take the test and find out which field suits you IT design or marketing. Free from Geekbrains The importance of the color palette for design We do not even think about.

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Us Every object that we see contains several shades. We may or may not like the color of the dress or the overall color of the room. Some shades of the color palette evoke pleasant and warm associations in us others are associat with anxiety and rejection. These and other features of various colors and their combinations are studi by color theory. It is the ABC for designers and all professionals one way or another working with color.

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The obligatory knowlge of such concepts as BJ Lists complentary  additional splitcomplentary and triadic colors which are also studi within the framework of this theory. It is the basis for designers when choosing tonality specific shades their combinations when creating visual products. The socall circle of the color palette also helps th in this. These tools make it possible to use color as a symbol to convey a common message mood idea mission etc.

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