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If you get a lift in engagement you can start sprinkling more funny emails into your strategy. Email testing: no laughing matter. Funny emails are all well and good but if your email doesn’t get deliver or has other errors in it that prevent engagement or cause confusion that’s kind of like taking too long to deliver the punchline. It will ruce engagement with your emails. Sinch email on acid exists to help you put your best email forward so all your emails get deliver and they all look and work correctly on every device for every subscriber.

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We can’t pre-test your jokes but we can ensure that many other aspects of your email marketing are working as you intend. When you start to understand email accessibility and everything that goes b2b email list into it changing how you design and code campaigns might feel like a major undertaking. But don’t worry; it will become second nature once accessibility is part of your defin processes. What are the defin processes you ask? We’re talking about starting an email design system which can help make email campaign production more consistent and efficient.

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They say the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. So if you’re ready to make accessible emails a priority break it down into bite-siz pieces. This article explores what’s ne in an email design system that puts accessibility first. Do you have BJ Lists an accessible design system? Inbox insights 2023 from mailjet by sinch found that around 36% of the senders in its global survey always use an email design system. However another 25.6% of respondents said they either never use a design system or don’t know what one is. Email design system chart: a component-driven design system is made up of reusable blocks of code and approv design assets that you can use to quickly build emails in a reliable way.

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