Seeing that the research project

Run in partnership with Kominfo and Google, was free, Alan didn’t want to waste the opportunity. More importantly, Alan is determined that one day, he will become an expert in the field of Android. “Get expensive knowledge for free. Alan feels very lucky to have been accepted into this program of over 160 hours of study. He was also pleased to learn that participants were facilitated by the presence of mentors and a forum for their consultation. Although the learning facilities at DTS PROA Android are complete, Alan still faces difficulties. Alan just realized that learning Android development requires the utmost concentration and effort. This difficulty made Allen almost give up. However, being asked about his study progress every Sunday kept him learning and overcoming his despair.

The DTS PROA Android program

Furthermore, because he saw his friend successfully complete the program, he was triggered to understand the material as a whole and even studied the questions asked in the forum. Alan feels that his support system at DTS is very good.The DTS PROA Android program whatsapp database is great because I get expensive knowledge for free. Additionally, I have never found online learning materials as excellent and complete as Dicoding. The material taught in Dicoding is always updated, even now, when I look back on the courses I took after graduation. There’s always new material in there. ” As a result, Alan felt the impact of those 10 weeks of hard work after graduating from DTS PROA Android. His short-term plan to find a job is one step closer.

Alan is not alonehe is one of more than

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Beneficiaries who have benefited from this scholarship (data as of end of May 2021). Familiarize yourself with job search exam questions and land your first job The knowledge Alan gained from DTS PROA Android had a huge impact on his career. In the past, before BJ Lists joining DTS, Alan had difficulty finding work. In addition to insufficient skills, where Allen lives, there are still very few employment opportunities for technical talents like Allen. There aren’t many remote job openings either. However, the pandemic has taught Allen its own lessons. As Alan’s training period at DTS PROA comes to an end, a number of vacancies have begun to open that allow employees to carry out their activities remotely. Allen saw this as an opportunity to start his real career right away.

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