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Trump says hes and weighs pounds

The men of TikTok are proving him wrong. Julie Gerstein Sat August at AM GMT min read. Tiktok user alexdbrow and an image of. Donald USA Student Mobile Number List Trump Tiktok users like alexdbrow left are comparing their physiques to Donald Trumps.alexdbrowTikTok Mike StobeGetty Images Donald. Trump selfreported his height and. Weight at and pounds during his jail booking Thursday. But men on TikTok dont believe him and are showing what that physique really looks like. Trump previously reported his weight as when he was booked in New York in April. Of all the halftruths and outright lies that Donald Trump has come up with over the years his most recent.

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and weighs just pounds seems to have BJ Lists galvanized the men of TikTok the most. Trump and his lawyers helpfully prereported his height and weight stats prior to his booking in Fulton County Jail on Thursday night on charges alleging he tried to overturn Georgias presidential election results. When those statistics were released along with Trumps mugshot people immediately began to question the figures. According to Trump hes got the same stature as Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett or New Orleans Saints quarterback Derek Carr. In response several guys have taken to TikTok to show what the average pound man looks like. To wit Tiktok user alexdbrow said the math aint mathin. When Trump was arrested in Manhattan in April.


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