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Personally, I don’t prefer pushy and pushy sales text, because I believe that genuine and honest content with a few strategically chosen psychological tricks will bring about good results. And I want to emphasize that it is not about manipulating people. Copywriters can charge their own work at a project price, but some also charge an hourly price. Project prices vary on average from 150 euros to 2,000 euros, depending on the scope and difficulty of the work. So it is completely realistic to bill €1,000–€12,000 per month. 7. Author of the online course  more and more popular. And it’s convenient when you can study in the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule. But many people still imagine that you have to be a super professional before you can do an online course.

Online courses are becoming

Well, I don’t like it. More importantly, you are able to solve a real problem in your course. At Takuu, you have the kind of knowledge and know-how special data that I don’t have, but which I can benefit from. You can turn your skills into a course (short courses of 2–4 weeks are best) and sell the course for 19.90–34.90 euros. My own courses are priced between €49.90 and €697, so after expenses and taxes, I have €39.65–561.40 per sold course. Annually, I get about €2,800–€82,000 in sales per course. Here, too, it is good to remember that the more you market courses, the more potential you have to earn. big online course launches a year and they bring in an average of €45,000 in sales in a couple of weeks. Read also: Experiences with course platforms after 7 years of digital entrepreneurship 8.

I personally do two

 Technical implementer of the online course There BJ Lists is also a “lighter” version of the online course creator. Here you are not making the material but the technical implementation. Let me explain. The expert records the course materials in video format and sends them to you. Your job is to chop the videos into 15-30 minute lengths, build the online course technically on the expert’s site, and make sure the course is synced to the online store correctly. For this, you may also need expertise in building websites and online stores. In this lighter version, you can charge a project-specific price, which depends on the scope of the work and can be between €500 and €2,500 per project. 

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