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Try to tell teachers how active you are at work. Usually teachers notice those students who do not just mindlessly morize theory. But put it into practice working in their specialty. professions that you can learn. Without leaving your job In some. Cases it is not at all necessary to have. A university degree but the. Presence of acadic knowlge. Will allow you to more successfully master a new specialty. Software tester analysts. They identify errors and weaknesses in software products. The tester can evaluate user scenarios analyze. Software bugs perform regression and functional testing.

Technical support specialist functions

Competencies training Read also Technical support. Specialist functions competencies training More Anyone can become such a specialist even. Without programming experience and an engineering degree. Novice testers analyze Chinese Australia Cell Phone Number List a readymade user.Scenario do manual testing and analyze.The program according to test cases. Of course some experience in Java. Python and PHP will not be superfluous. This is a good decision to start your activity in the IT field. To move up the career ladder in this field you ne.To fully immerse yourself in technology. Usually in different areas of testing there are junior middle senior specialists and their leaders. A novice tester grows to the middle level in a year but everything is individual.

Special Database

A test specialist must have an

Analytical mindset and understand that almost all working time will be spent on a PC. It is important for this profession to be collect BJ Lists and attentive to details. Software tester Software tester Depending on the ucational .Program training in. This specialty can last from four months to a year. The salary of a novice tester is approximately sixty thousand rubles. More experienc specialists receive from one hundr thousand and more. copywriter This specialty can be transferr from any industry. The main thing is to feel the style and know the features of various formats for presenting.


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