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You will learn how to develop projects in the Java language and will be able to start a professional career as an IT specialist. Novice developers. Cloud storage and a smartphone game will appear in your portfolio. Completion of the course will significantly increase the opportunities for realizing a career as a specialist. Experienc programmers. Systatization of existing knowlge mastering a new popular programming language will become the foundation for increasing income. You can start studying the course without having a technical ucation and programming experience. If you choose GeekBrains you will be able to plunge into a special ucational ecosyst.

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The only chance to become a soughtafter Chinese Malaysia Cell Phone Number List specialist and get a good prospect for the future. Course benefits Online webinars and lesson recordings . Classes are held in Zoom it is possible to ask questions to the teacher and get answers communicate with other students. Each online lesson can be review in the recording if for some reason you miss it. Only relevant knowlge for today . The curriculum is updat annually bas on changes in the requests of ployers. Experienc teachers who work in leading IT companies VTB Rostelecom JSC Russian Space Systs etc.. Thanks to their experience an updat ucational program is being built.

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How to find a job you love

Tips to help you do it Read also How to BJ Lists find a job you love tips to help you do it More Possibility of publishing personal projects . You can practice working with rote platforms. Students are provid with ucational access to the entire REG.RU infrastructure. Key to JetBrains products . Each student will have a special promo code for free use of paid versions of JetBrains for days. If for some reason you did not have time to use it you will be provid with a new coupon. Provides the ability to interact with the GeekBrains community . You will have a lot of useful contacts and likind people. You will share valuable experience in the GeekBrains information base attend meetups hackathons and other clos online and offline events as speakers and listeners.


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