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What are we talking about Video footage is. A great tool that allows you to make a clip much more interesting for the viewer. Moreover in some cases they help to hide some miscalculations made during the shooting and this is also important. How to masteris that even a beginner can easily master it within certain limits. There is nothing complicat here you just ne to master the necessary information and show a certain diligence in your work. The article says The main types of footage for video Footage classification Footage options. Where to look for video footage How to make your own footage Technology Development Trends. Take the test and find out which field suits you. IT design or marketing.

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Types of footage for video. The original meaning Chinese Singapore B2C Cell Phone Number List of the word. Footage or footage is the entire volume of takes without iting film on the set measur in the amount of film. She was count in feet hence the name. Now the term has a broader. Definition and means any image or piece of footage creat separately and insert into the footage. In video iting special footage files are us which contain footage shot specially or creat with the help of programs. They are ne to give a certain atmosphere complent the impressions and sometimes hide small defects in the source code. Footage is often us as a background or screensaver for a video. The main types of footage for video.

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The main types of footage

For video The whole variety of footages us BJ Lists for video iting can be divid into the following groups regular intros masks with chroma key with an alpha channel. At the beginning of the video they often use the usual intro for iting. It is ne to bring the viewer up to date make it clear what awaits him next set the mood and a certain otional background. Such a video screensaver can be a fragment from an animat film a background with a motion effect a specially film video. Another option for using the intro is to link between frames or individual elents of the composition. Interruption can also be such a footage for a video. You can use any file format MOV MPEG DivX and others. But you always ne to feel the measure and not overdo it. After all with an excess of footage screensavers it may se to the viewer that the entire video consists of th only.


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