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Therefore, it is necessary to know how to promote information products and put together a promising lead generation and qualification strategy to maintain a good flow of conversions and achieve the established goals. Do you want to know how to apply the main Digital Marketing strategies to attract people interested in your material? So check out our tips! Content Marketing: the secrets to attracting, engaging and transforming your Audience into Customers What are infoproducts? Infoproducts are digital items with informative and educational value , which can be sold, shared and consumed exclusively on online platforms . This “merchandise” can be found in formats such as audio, video, text or image.

ypes of infoproducts Infoproducts can be found

However, in all of them, it is essential that the content enriches the experience of those who consume it. In general, an infoproduct does  new data not generate tangible and concrete rewards, its potential is slightly subjective. The idea is to share an experience, teach a strategy, promote a practice or generate engagement on a certain topic. In other words, sharing knowledge and forming authority on a central topic. For infoproducers , who are the people who create this rich material, the return can be financial or not. On the one hand, creating and selling an infoproduct is an opportunity to generate extra income.

Identification with Digital Marketing strategies

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On the other hand, offering free content is an interesting way to promote a brand and establish itself as a reference within a market segment. Types of infoproducts Infoproducts can be found in different formats. Among them, the following  BJ Lists   stand out: E-books ; Webinars; Audiobooks; Podcasts; Video classes and tutorials; Mentoring programs ; Online consultancy; Coaching; Online courses . Tip: Digital Marketing Consulting: what can it do for your company? Why invest in promoting infoproducts? Investing in the creation and sale of infoproducts is an opportunity to generate income on the Internet , with scalable sales, a high level of engagement and total identification with Digital Marketing strategies.

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