Maybe she should start

Bout to faceplant to the ground.  thinking of auditioning for a modeling show like Americas Next Top Model. The Baseball Matrix Baseball like a lot of other sports is an excellent subject for photographers to practice flash photography. Theres just something about capturing athletes at the height of their game. Just look at this guy he almost looks like someone off the movie The Matrix. Hopefully he stayed in that position and the ball just went over him.

The Handapult Some of you

May wonder if this guy had a doctor check his Buy Bulk SMS Bahrain arm after this because something might be wrong. But dont worry the athlete in this photo is fine. He just possesses great flexibility and strength plushes probably double jointed. Were sure this guy has a bright career ahead of him. Zombie Apocalypse This player probably had his eye on the prize and didnt bother paying attention to the army of zombielike fans behind him. Lets just hope he did take home the prize because an accident from being swarmed by his fans is the last thing he would want to happen.

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Allergic To Balls At first

Glance you might focus solely on the guy BJ Lists who seems like hes imagining his worst enemys face on the ball. But if you look closely there is a guy. That looks as if he just sneezed midgame or actually just got hit pretty badly on the nose. Hopefully a doctor came to his rescue right away. Head To Toe This guy on the left probably watched a lot of Dragonball or Shaolin Soccer because his facial expression shows how much hes in the game to win. Meanwhile the guy on the right deserves credit for showing some KungFu skills he must have been hiding for a long time already. Nose To Nose This man was probably in great pain just seconds after this photo was taken.


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