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A few months ago, the tech company release new privacy settings that affecte what information companies can access. Before that, marketers could track open rates using pixels that loaded when users opene the email. Now Apple preloads all that content, meaning that emails could appear to be opene even if the user never saw them. Of course, not all email users are Apple users, but considering that 66% of emails are opene via mobile, and that 58% of those mobile users have an Apple device, open rate is not going to be a reliable metric for the majority of mobile users. users All of this means that companies will have to use other metrics to determine whether their email marketing strategy is working or not, at least for Apple users.

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Metrics like conversion rate and list growth rate will get a lot of attention. Tren PRIORITIZE MOBILITY As we told you before, most email users open their emails on mobile devices. That means you need to make sure that your emails will be perfectly adapte to mobile, if not directly planne for it. The easier and more attractive your email looks on mobile, the more attention you will get. Make sure that the photos and the size of the text are accessible on mobile devices without the need to zoom excessively, and do not fill it with hidden links that will unexpectedly take the user to other pages.

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We’re all mobile users, and we all know it’s annoying when this happens! Trend SHORT AND SWEET As email users ourselves, we know that we probably wouldn’t skim through a long text-filled email from a random company. It’s no surprise that our attention span is at an all-time low, and that most consumers appreciate brevity, especially younger ones. If we want subscribers to actually read our messages, we need to keep it short and sweet, and if you can throw in some pictures while you’re at it, that would be awesome.

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