25 search engine positioning errors that destroy your SEO [Updated 2023]

25 search engine positioning errors that destroy your SEO [Updated 2023]. Close attention: this post is a list of errors that you can make or even be making at this moment with your website and that could ruin your SEO positioning in Google. Therefore, take notes and at the same time have your website open to make the necessary checks and improvements as you go. Even if you don’t know much about SEO, don’t worry. I am going to explain everything to you in a simple and practical way so that you can apply the corrections step by step. With this post I want to help you understand what we are talking about and then be able to solve it easily.

So… How do you know if you are making SEO mistakes

So… How do you know if you are making SEO mistakes. It would be great if, every time you are penalized, Google would notify you promptly and notify you exactly what the reason for the penalty was , so that you could eliminate the problem quickly and accurately. It would also not be bad if Google periodically informed you of the SEO factors that you are not optimizing email database correctly, to always have your website perfect for SEO . But I’m sorry to tell you that this is not the case. Therefore, it is your turn to analyze your site point by point, detect errors and start optimizing now.

Duplication of content

Duplication of content. Duplication of content can be with external content or internal content . External means that you have literally copied or plagiarized texts from other websites and put them on yours. This is something that Google pursues a lot and that you should avoid at all costs. Not only for Google, but also to avoid being branded as a plagiarist. Which could damage your prestige among the community of users and content creators. Internal is when you have equal texts in a fairly proportion between different URLs of your own website. If your website has many pages BJ Lists with the same texts. Google might consider that it is not necessary to show them all since they do not contribute anything. New and that would mean losing visibility in the search engine.

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