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What are the Online Marketing tools that are impacting you the most this year? Today I leave you a series of tools that I am using in 2017 and that are quite surprising me both for the results and for their characteristics. If you don’t like being up to date with online tools, this post is not for you! Is the Personal Some of them may sound familiar to you, but I almost bet most of them don’t. Some are more recent and others are not. But don’t get carried away by the date of its creation, because one of the ones that is impacting me the most is from 2014 but I only met it this year and the results it is giving me are INCREDIBLE…

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Helped me a lot to optimize the links on my blog and detect those broken backlinks that do so much damage to the positioning of the web. I encourage you to look at it and company data start applying it on your website now. Here I leave you these 11 tools that will surely improve your work day. If you need Online Marketing tools for different topics, look at this list. The tool tells us in a quick and visual way if our website is optimized for mobile or not. If it is not there, it tells us what we should do to improve. To use it we only have to enter the URL of the website to analyze and click, and in seconds we have the answer.

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Nowadays, optimizing a website for mobile phones is essential. So don’t wait any longer and test if your website is optimized. Well with Xtractor you can achieve it. With it, you can BJ Lists download those emails and then create a segmented audience in your Facebook ADS campaigns and include them. You have a limit of 100 emails for the free account and for $49 a year for the unlimited email version.

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