Online Marketing Tools that are rocking in

Is the Personal Brand created, managed and discovered ? If you think you are going to read just another typical article about personal branding, that’s not the case. If you are one of those who defend to the death that a personal brand is discovered, this post is not for you. Is the Personal Now, […]

Is the Personal Brand created managed and discovered

What are the Online Marketing tools that are impacting you the most this year? Today I leave you a series of tools that I am using in 2017 and that are quite surprising me both for the results and for their characteristics. If you don’t like being up to date with online tools, this post […]

What is the Social Selling Index and how to

Therefore, Do you know what the Social Selling Index (SSI) is ? Do you know what your SSI is or how you can improve your score? In this post I am going to talk to you about the importance of SSI to gain visibility with your Personal Brand on Linkedin, show you how this tool […]

As the Indian government has introduced many policies, so in the election

According to a recent report. When choosing crushing equipment. It is best to choose equipment with low noise and good airtightness, install a silencer if necessary. And use negative pressure operation as much as possible during the production process to play. The role of sound insulation and reduce environmental pollution. Meissen Technology, a magnesium oxide […]

What do you want to change in this blog

My acquaintances did not understand that I published “free” content and told me that it was a waste of time. Even some colleagues criticized me (behind my back, by the way) for “believing”. What do you That someone was going to read and evaluate my proposals. How things have changed, right? I don’t know if […]

Generating Content Requires Discipline and Elaboration

By improving I mean, for example, focusing or dedicating more time to specific topics or interests. What would they be according to your criteria? I’m also interested Generating Content in knowing what your preferred formats for articles are: text, podcasts, images, video… And something important that I am thinking about is the size of the […]

Yoriento turns 10 and I need your advice

Yoriento turns And I thought it was time to decide what I should do from now on. I need your advice, can you help me? Since December 2006, I have shared advice with people who want to improve their careers, with the professionals who help them (counsellors, coaches, trainers, teachers…) and with managers and workers […]