How to Sell on Amazon: 2023 Guide + 5 Infallible Tricks

How to Sell on Amazon: 2023 Guide + 5 Infallible Tricks. Did you know that Amazon is the largest marketplace that exists today? Thanks to its customer service, its fast shipping and the fact that it sells all types of products at a very competitive price, many users go directly to Amazon when looking for any product. But what you may not know is that approximately half of the products that Amazon sells are not their own, but are from third-party companies or entrepreneurs . As may be your case. For this reason, every day there are more people who want to take the step and register as a seller, in order to increase the sales of their business by taking advantage of the visibility that Amazon has.

Advantages of selling on Amazon

Advantages of selling on Amazon. If you have never considered selling your products on Amazon before, you may not know the benefits it can bring you. Therefore, before telling you how to sell on Amazon, I want you to know its main advantages. Multiply the visibility of your products. The Amazon website is one of the most visited in the world, so if you are starting out and still very few people know your product, or you simply want to increase the sales of your online store significantly, with Amazon you can reach a large number of potential customers . customers in a very short time thanks to the great visibility that this marketplace has. Show your products to email leads people interested in buying them. It is evident that your products gain visibility by putting them up for sale on Amazon. But the best of all is that the users who browse this marketplace have a high purchase intention .

Disadvantages of selling on Amazon

Disadvantages of selling on Amazon. Selling on Amazon has many advantages. However, all that glitters is not gold. Therefore, it is important that BJ Lists you know what disadvantages it may have before making the decision to upload your products to this marketplace. Receiving payments through an intermediary. When a customer buys one of the products you have for sale, the payment is actually received by Amazon. Then if everything goes well, you can withdraw the money to the bank account you have selected. However, if customers make complaints about the quality of your products, complain about shipping, or give you bad comments and ratings, payment can be delayed for weeks or even canceled. You will earn less than if you sold them yourself. As we will see later, selling on Amazon is not free. They put this great marketplace at your disposal so that you can reach many people but in exchange you will have to pay a fee.

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