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New types the site was filtere All Yandex search engine filters Re-optimization Spam You are the last Reference filter – Minusinsk Filter for a sharp increase in link mass Filter AGS Search engine filter Yandex Affiliate Yandex Adult filter Advertising filter Baden-Baden filter Same snippet rules Mobile filter behavioral filter Conclusion What are Yandex search filters The algorithms by which all yandex search engines work. When recognizing sites with artificially increase search results are calle filters. Search engine filters serve as a tool for cleaning search.  Results from low-quality and violating the rules of sites. Filtering comes from unnecessary garbage, spam, fake pages. Other information rubbish that interferes with the normal operation of the search engine.

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The main purpose of filters is to provide the user with only high-quality resources. Software robots check websites for black hat SEO practices. Why the site was filtere. The first photo editor call that the site is under the influence of the filter is a sharp decrease in traffic. The site shows a decrease in popularity, while SEO is unchange. Yandex search traffic drawdown Drawdown of search traffic in Yandex Perhaps the most common reason a site is filtere is because it does not contain useful information for the user. This happens with copie texts, poorly paraphrase, where important points are no longer left. Spammy texts are not allowe.

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These are repeate phrases, frequent exact occurrence of words. Yandex instantly blocks texts with + topics. This is obscene language or texts with elements of eroticism. All Yandex search engine filters Carefully follow the rules of Yandex, warn the SEO specialist or agency in advance that you want to promote using the White method and discuss the sanctions if you fall under the Yandex SEO filter. List of well-known and most popular Yandex PS filters. Spam Re-optimization. Text antispam SPAM in the micro application BJ Lists Baden-Baden Duplicate Content Link sanctions. Link Explosion Penguin Link spam or pessimization Inner and outer Nepos Minusinks For behavioral information.

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