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Soldiers in the United States. Aside from that they have jet fighters and ten helicopters. The National Defense and Security Council which the Mynamar President heads receives all Tatmadaws reports. . Ukraine Compared to the globes population the military force of the Ukrainian zone is one of the most remarkable in the world. The President of Ukraine is responsible for all of Ukraines security and the army forces. The Ukrainian Armed Forces Navy and Air Force as well as the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces and Special Operations Forces make up this force. The Ukrainian National Guard also serves as a paramilitary reserve force for the countrys armed forces.

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Owned by the state is approximately more Buy Bulk SMS Sri Lanka than the combined total of several countries. . Sweden Because Sweden is such a neutral country it only maintains soldiers on active duty at any moment Here the government agency responsible for Swedens defense and promotion of the countrys overall interests is the military. In addition it contributes to international peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts worldwide. Since the Swedish Armed Forces Supreme Commander has presided over a unified government agency that includes all of Swedens military forces. Military strength in the country consists of tanks planes and five submarines.

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Of the militarys total strength is made up BJ Lists of inactive members who are either in the military reserves or the home guard thousand. . Greece The Hellenic or Greek Armed Forces are Greeces combined naval ground and air forces. The Greek military has three branches the Hellenic Army the Hellenic Navy and the Hellenic Air Force. The Ministry of National Defense MND is the civilian agency that supervises the military. At a given point in time Greece has approximately military personnel and active members. Eleven submarines are always on standby to safeguard the countrys coast guard because of the countrys many islands. Now the government requires all yearold boys to serve in the military for at least nine to twelve months .


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