Social images the correct dimensions 2022

Social images the correct dimensions  Graphics and photographs are in the foreground for marketing and corporate communication strategies . What can confuse ideas, however, lies in the use of these images. Every social network, in fact, has characteristics and requires users to adapt and respect them. So far, nothing difficult Social images correct but it […]

customer loyalty comes from games

What is gamification? How can you apply it to your marketing. And communication strategies to more easily achieve company objectives? Loyalty is one of the most difficult goals to customer loyalty games achieve during the customer journey . Closing a sale and converting is very challenging but not as challenging as making. A customer feel […]

what they are and how to use them to grow your business

Business apps: what they are and how to use them to grow your business The types, advantages and business apps that can help every entrepreneur in their work They dot our mobile devices. They are used to do practically everything : reservations, entertainment, business communications. We download and install them almost without realizing it, we […]

People want what’s best for them

Reshare your existing content. Repurpose existing content.” -Melanie Deziel The breakdown: Marketing teams don’t always ne to produce new content to be successful. Content repurposing is a powerful action that can transform existing content into something new and equally useful. 28. “People want what’s best for them and that can change at a moment’s notice […]

Use customer failures as a driving force

The best publicity you can have is a loyal customer who spreads the word about how amazing your business is.” -Shep Hyken The breakdown: Never stop marketing to your customers authentically. The more you connect with them and meet their nes the more likely they are to share what they love about your company with […]

Without risk in marketing you will never be able

Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.” – Pablo Picasso The breakdown: Learning marketing skills is essential but knowing what to do with these skills to enhance your marketing strategy is even more necessary. Funny quotes about Without risk in marketing marketing us a David Ogilvy quote […]